Is Your Home As Secure As You Need?

It might be a growing feeling these days that one’s home truly is one’s castle in every sense of the word, but whatever the reason, safe rooms and security have gained top billing in home design. According to a recent article in Residence Style (“New Design Trends That Focus on Safety and Security”), stealth security is one of the coolest new trends in interior design.

What is meant by stealth security? It’s the addition of features that unobtrusively or even invisibly make your home more secure, whether through reinforced construction methods and building materials, smart technology, or locks and systems that will confound would-be intruders and hold up to attack.

Safe Rooms

Safe rooms, or panic rooms are what most people think of; those hidden, reinforced interior rooms meant for last-resort refuge in the case of a break-in or weather emergency. They’ve been a standard feature in homes of the rich and famous for years. Now, though, they’re regularly seen in new construction or remodel plans for many upscale homes. Some are hidden away behind camouflaged doors; some are small spaces such as walk-in closets that appear normal but actually are housed within an impermeable shell, and some are not safe rooms at all but whole homes that incorporate a range of features that protect the entire structure from attack.

Individual Unobtrusive Security Features

Elle Décor features this list of up-trending individual security features whose presence is often not apparent to the casual observer:

  • Heavy-Duty Safes
  • Video Doorbells linked to your smartphone
  • Laser Security Systems to monitor home interiors during sleeping hours or when away
  • Bio Cameras to identify and store up to several hundred faces
  • Safe Room Doors either guarding panic rooms, or acting as defense for the whole home
  • Biometric Digital Door Locks
  • Laser Curtain Sensors for always-on monitoring of windows, skylights, fence tops and the like
  • Bullet-Resistant, High Security Windows
  • Smart Alarm Systems that link your sensors with your smart phone

If You Need Security Features, You Need a Security Expert

A bulletproof door on the front of the house may not do the homeowner any good if a standard door remains in the back. And a safe room with all the best features may fail to protect a family if a thorough sensor and warning system isn’t deployed to alert the occupants to intruders. Picking and choosing security features or equipment is never enough; a comprehensive plan that encompasses every aspect of the house and every potential danger is essential.

When Cinergy Construction is involved in a job involving security issues, we typically bring in a security expert to do a full audit of the property and the potential dangers facing the homeowner. Then a plan is devised to fully protect the entire home or the designated safe space within the home. At the least, a secure environment must have built-in protection against attack (reinforced structural elements, windows, and doors), a monitoring and warning system, and integration of features that, working together, constantly monitor the property to sense danger and, if triggered, alert the occupants and deploy automatic alarms, lockdowns, and emergency service notifications.


Reinforced windows and walls are important if danger presents itself, but by far the most common avenue of attack is the doorway to a home or a space. After all, if an intruder intends to rob or harm you, he’d rather gain entry through a door than a window (or a breached wall) for quick and easy entry and exit. The good news is that security door designs are almost limitless; we work often with Salus Secure Environments, purveyors of custom-designed doors from Italy that not only provide unbelievable ratings against assault from weapons up to and beyond 9mm caliber but add a stunning and unique design statement to any home or structure.

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Cinergy Construction is an expert in the construction of safe rooms and whole-home secure environments, and we partner with the best in home security analysis and design and extreme-attack-resistant door design and construction. If security is a concern, we’re here. Contact us online or give us a call at 800-338-3199 to discuss your home or construction project’s security needs.