Secure Environments Impenetrable security structures are the must-have for
luxury homes. We build and customize any type of
secure space, from safe rooms to whole homes.

Secure environments are much more than safe rooms. And safe rooms are much more than heavy-duty security doors and barriers. They must integrate seamlessly with the design of the structure as a whole. Their function must be unobtrusive. And above all, they must operate exactly as designed when protection is needed. We build all types of secure environments, from safe rooms to whole homes.

Types of Secure Environments

      • Safe Rooms
      • Offices
      • Dressing Rooms
      • Wine Cellars
      • Game Rooms
      • Home Theaters
      • Whole Homes

Photos: Salus Secure Environments

Components of Secure Spaces

      • Security doors
      • Security windows
      • Reinforced walls
      • Hidden entries
      • Escape routes
      • Communication devices
      • Comfort features
      • Ventilation
      • Seating
      • Entertainment center
      • Food provisions
      • Sanitary facility

Photos: Salus Secure Environments

Doors – The Backbone of Security

Safety Industry Standards

Cinergy partners with the best in the industry to ensure that the doors, windows, and other materials that we incorporate into our safe spaces are rated to the highest level of safety industry standards, which include:

  • Reinforced steel profiles
  • Drawn steel hinges
  • Multi-point locking systems
  • Burglar protection
  • Weather protection
  • Fire protection
  • Ballistic protection

Here are some examples of the components that we use:

Photos: Salus Secure Environments

According to Architectural Digest, impenetrable security rooms are quickly becoming a must-have for luxury homes. In response to high demand, new technologies for impervious windows, doors, and walls have proliferated, as have designs for cleverly disguised entry points that run the gamut from swinging granite walls to revolving mirrors or bookcases. And many homeowners are opting to create safe rooms out of rooms in plain sight, such as home offices, wine cellars, or in-home theaters, using specialized construction methods and fortified components that render them secure from attacks or severe weather. 

Safe Rooms – Hiding in Plain Sight

Safe rooms, or panic rooms, are seamlessly integrated into the design of a home or office so that they are entirely hidden from view yet easily accessible.

Photos: Salus Secure Environments

Daily-Use Secure Environments

Many clients prefer a “live-in” secure environment over an “escape-to” space. We build out daily-use safe spaces such as offices, dressing rooms, wine cellars, bedrooms, home theaters, game rooms, and entire residences that are secure. Thanks to the extraordinary materials available, these spaces can be every bit as open, beautiful, and light-filled as any standard room, office, or home.

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