The Stages of a Home Theater Buildout

To isolate and enhance sound properly, a theater is built in several stages, each with its own purpose. Our buildout of this home theater in San Francisco started with a raw concrete room. Within that space, we built an isolation shell to keep outside noise from coming in and sounds within from bleeding out. Then, acoustic treatments and fabric substrate were strategically installed for sound dispersion and absorption. After that, lighting accents were added, stretched fabric was mounted, and the screen and projectors were put into place. In the last stage, carpet, seating, and a bar were installed.

Our buildout of this custom home theater included:

  • Cinergy buildout of the entire room starting with the sound isolated walls through finished fabric wall systems
  • 650 Sq Ft custom-designed residential screening room
  • Professionally engineered acoustic and sound isolation design
  • Over 150 acoustic absorption and diffusion panels
  • Sound Rated STC-53 Acoustic Door
  • Scalloped walls with Multi-Color LEDs
  • Seating for 17+ with 11 Luxury Cinema Seats and Custom Cinema Couch by Cineak
  • 15 speakers by Genelec Audio
  • 119”’ X 212” Stewart Filmscreen Masking Screen
  • Dual Sony 4K Laser Projectors