Ercole Security Doors – Supreme Safety and Unparalleled Design

It’s gratifying to confirm our confidence in the components we install in our building projects by seeing where and how those components are manufactured. Cinergy’s Greg Francis was very fortunate to visit the Ercole Security Door manufacturer in Verona, Italy back in January, before the coronavirus began spreading across the globe. Our thanks for Greg’s trip to host Mark of Salus Doors, Florida and, at the Ercole factory, two generations of Italian design: Ercole founder Giovanni and son Mauro, who took over the factory from his dad. Now that Italy is reopening their economy, we hope for a safe return to pre-Covid19 production levels for our friends.

Below are photographs of some of the extraordinary doors we viewed on our visit. These are beautiful architectural doors rarely found in the USA at these sizes and levels of customization.

Our hearts go out to the people of Italy as they grapple with the coronavirus which as we all know has hit their country especially hard.

Beauty in motion – check out this safe room door in action as seen on site in Verona, Italy, where some of the doors we install in our secure spaces are manufactured.