Some Examples of Sound Control and Noise Control Solutions
  • Wall, Floor, and ceiling isolation and soundproofing.
  • Whole Building noise control solutions for apartments, condominiums and commercial buildings.
  • Architectural Noise Separation in homes and buildings.
  • HVAC Equipment and Piping noise control.
  • Industrial Vibration Systems to isolate machinery and equipment noise.
  • Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Reflectors for sound enhancement.
  • Rigid and Curtain Wall Enclosures for machinery and construction noise.
  • Exterior Acoustic Barrier Walls to absorb industrial and equipment noise.
  • Duct Silencers and Duct Noise Containment and Isolation.
  • Noise dampening flooring assemblies to reduce foot fall noise from floor to floor.
Activity Spaces Where Acoustics Matter

Sound control and sound quality can be achieved in the following home activity spaces.

Fitness and Exercise rooms
Media / Game Rooms
Bowling Alleys
Home Recording Studios
Instrument Rooms
Indoor Pools
Rooms below stone and hardwood floors
In-Law suites
Home Offices

Noise Control Solutions for Industry

At Cinergy Construction, we are experts at constructing spaces to optimize noise control.  Whether you want to keep sound out, or keep sound from traveling to other spaces, we work with facility architects, consultants and other stakeholders to ensure the success of each project. Some industries that have a need for this type of construction include:

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Cinergy Construction is a California based specialty construction and finishing company that has offices in Southern California and San Francisco. We build custom theatres, sound spaces, and build out residential and commercial specialty spaces that require sound mitigation, acoustics, custom finishes and a meticulous attention to detail.