Acoustic Construction

Cinergy Construction are experts in Acoustic Construction that optimizes the acoustics of any space.

Acoustic Treatments

When we are building a new space or remodeling and existing space, acoustic treatments are often used to improve the sound or reduce the noise.  Often, the space is not ideal or initially set up as ideal for the sound experience.  We work with the best in the business to optimize the final quality of sound that is heard from an audio system by absorbing, reflecting, diffusing (scattering) or transmitting sound waves. We, together with our partners ensure that the surface materials on the walls, ceiling and floor of a space are carefully chosen to achieve a balanced sound level in the room throughout the entire frequency range of human hearing.

When designers of interior spaces are concerned about aesthetics and acoustical quality acoustic Cinergy can precut wall panels to a wide variety of shapes, ranging from rectangular panels to custom shapes of any size.  The edges can be curved or flat.  Cinergy installs a lot of wall treatments, acoustic panels, stretched fabric and other solutions.  Sometimes these solutions are architectural and exposed, and sometimes they are seamlessly integrated into the overall design.

Whole Home Building Acoustics

Sound control and sound quality can be achieved in the following home activity spaces.

Fitness and Exercise rooms
Media / Game Rooms
Bowling Alleys
Home Recording Studios
Instrument Rooms
Indoor Pools
Rooms below stone and hardwood floors
In-Law suites
Home Offices

Acoustic Construction Focused on Industry

At Cinergy Construction, we are experts at constructing spaces for optimal acoustics and design. We work with facility architects, consultants and other stakeholders to ensure the success of each acoustic construction project.

Corporate Custom Sound and Video Projects

Cinergy Acoustics Construction projects also include AV enhancement projects for Commercial Businesses, Auditoriums, Convention Centers and Hotels.  This can include video conference spaces, video projection studios, video recording studios

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Cinergy Construction is a California based specialty construction and finishing company that has offices in Southern California and San Francisco. We build custom theatres, sound spaces, and build out residential and commercial specialty spaces that require sound mitigation, acoustics, custom finishes and a meticulous attention to detail.