Too Bad You Can’t Cram This
Theater Into Your House

Oh Wait, You Can!
Got a Spare Bedroom?

Going out to the movies is dead. For how long? No one knows. But the consensus – and this includes the top experts – is that it’s going to be a very long time. In fact, large public movie houses packed with shoulder-to-shoulder moviegoers may be a permanent thing of the past.


Public Movie Theaters May Never Go Back to Normal

Our national Covid-19 guru, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said this in a recent interview reported on by Business Insider: “We won’t be able to sit in theaters without masks until a year after an effective coronavirus vaccine is created.” He went on to say it’s unlikely a vaccine will be ready by November, despite CDC statements – and even if one did come into being, distribution and mass vaccinations would take a full year at least. And that’s in the best scenario with a highly effective vaccine.

Some analysts have started to re-sound alarm bells about the future of the theater business.

In the New York Times article, “Movie Theaters Returned. Audiences Didn’t,” it was reported that when the movie “Tenet” was released, it was expected to revive the movie theater industry with blockbuster sales, but instead returned less than disappointing results. As a result, several big releases have been pushed back by months, prompting the observation, “Some analysts have started to re-sound alarm bells about the future of the theater business.” In fact, Regal Cinemas, the second-largest film exhibitor in the United States announced just a few days ago that it would close all its theaters in the country, with no word on a reopening date. (“Regal Movie Chain Will Close All 536 U.S. Theaters On Thursday.”)

So, don’t expect your local theaters to be opening their doors soon, or maybe ever.

The New Normal: Movie Theaters in Our Homes

But is that so bad? Frankly, we don’t think so – because thanks to advances in sound delivery, soundproofing, construction methods, and precision-engineered design, you can have a world-class cinema-viewing experience right inside your home.

And you don’t have to be a mega-millionaire to get one.


We’ve Got a Turnkey Full-Feature Theater For You

A few years ago, the only people building theaters in their homes were rich and famous folks with three quarters of a million dollars or more to spare, who built new wings onto their homes or carved out cavernous underground spaces in order to construct private theaters with seating for 10 or 20 friends and family.

The rest of us had to settle for enhancing our movie enjoyment by upgrading our flat-screen TVs with a few more inches or incremental upgrades in resolution, or installing some new speakers in our living rooms.

But these days, thanks to new innovations in noise control, sound enhancement, movie projection, and our turnkey full-feature home cinema packages, you have the option of taking a spare room in your home and converting it into your own true movie house. We’re talking about a darkened, hushed, whole-room-engineered private space, with a door that you pass through and then close behind you, shutting out the rest of the world; where you settle into cushy theater seating that reclines with a foot rest, table, and drink holder; where larger-than-life images on the full-sized screen pull you in and absolute clarity of sound surrounds you and you are deeply immersed in a film that becomes your world. And all this is happening inside your space and your space only, not carried over into the room above or the bedroom next door or your next-door neighbor’s house across the way.

Yes, a true full cinema experience, inside your home.

Why A Home Theater is Better Than a Public Theater

Think of it: Shutting out the world and losing yourself in a film the same way you used to do when you went out to the movies, only without the drive, the parking, the buying tickets, the get-there-in-time-or-miss-the-start stress, the bad pizza, the $12 soda, the $20 popcorn, the flattened Milk Dud on the floor, the babysitter, the head in front of you blocking the view, the whispering commentary or other rude sounds from the people behind you. Without even getting dressed, if you don’t feel like it. And any time you want. Dinnertime? Check. Working at home and a long lunch break? Check. Tuesday Night Movie Night? Check. A go-to when you’re up at 3 am with insomnia? Check.

Oh, yeah, that kind of movie theater.

Want to talk with us about it? We’re the experts in home theater design and construction, and we have an array of home theater packages to choose from that will fit right into your spare room. Give us a shout.