Dramatic Spike in Demand for Safe Rooms

We’ve been observing the trend behind the scenes for quite a while now; calls among our clients and building partners for safe room construction, whole-home security upgrades, and impenetrable doors, walls, and windows built into “normal” rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. Security is a growing concern among homeowners, to be sure.

A recent article in the Hollywood Reporter, “Demand for Safe Rooms Skyrockets in Los Angeles,” certainly underscores the trend. In it, one builder was quoted as saying that “our influx of inquiries has increased more than 1,000 percent over the past three months.” The average reader might read that and say, “Holy cow!” but we in the building industry, especially here at Cinergy where our focus is safe rooms and whole-structure security, among other specialty construction projects, are very aware of the growing demand. “My home is my castle” has evolved into “my home is my fortress” – especially for film, television, and athletic superstars, and even the not-so-well-known among our population.

This break-in at a home in Malibu, for example, happened just a few days ago:

One of the best ways to incorporate a safe room into your home is to plan for it at the beginning of a build, not as a retrofit. If you’re planning to build a custom home theater, for example, you can incorporate all of the safe-room features right into the design: impenetrable walls, high-tech doors, communication and dedicated HVAC systems, and so on. This will transform your beautiful luxurious theater into a two-for-one solution for the enjoyment and security of your family.

The time is now. More than ever before.

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