Covid-19 and Home Theater Trends

The Wall Street Journal published an article recently about the steadily growing appearance in luxury homes of private screening rooms. As a builder of luxury homes and custom-designed specialty spaces, we at Cinergy Construction are intimately familiar with this new trend. But the article’s author, Adrienne Gaffney, made an interesting point. She noted, “That trend might accelerate after homeowners emerge from movie-watching marathons during their confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Copy that. We’ve built many home theaters in just the last few years, and we expect an increasing demand for them when life returns to a normal (or near-normal) state.

A Glimpse into Home Screening Rooms Across the Country

The WSJ article features an array of stunning photographs of custom-designed private screening rooms in homes in Houston, Hawaii, Atlanta, New Jersey, and Nevada. There’s even mention of a luxury 6,000 square-foot apartment on the Upper East Side in New York which includes a screening room with stadium seating. Says Meredyth Smith of Sotheby’s, which has listed the apartment for sale, specialized spaces for something like a screening room are almost expected in large luxury Manhattan apartments these days. Take a look through the gallery of luxury homes and theaters featured by the Wall Street Journal here.

Theaters That We’ve Built

Check out our gallery of the home theaters and screening rooms we’ve built in luxury homes in California over just the past few years, including Ava DuVernay’s Amanda Theater on the Array campus in Los Angeles, completed last fall: