Stretched Fabric

Stretched fabric and acoustic treatments can be installed in many configurations,
creating unique architectural design elements while enhancing acoustics in any space.

Using Stretched Fabric in Building Design

We construct and install a wide range of fabric walls and ceiling systems built to your specifications and acoustic needs. Not only does stretched fabric provide a unique and custom-designed look to your space, it also can be combined with acoustic backing to absorb sound in naturally noisy spaces. This combination of visual and audible enhancement can improve almost any space.

The acoustical material can be either reflective or absorbing, and it can be applied to the walls or ceilings or to movable panels to mitigate noise in auditoriums, conference rooms, restaurants and other public spaces; prevent noise transmission between rooms in homes, hotels, and offices; and enhance sound in theaters and performance spaces. In addition, our solutions can incorporate artwork and graphics as integral components of the design.

We install stretched fabric and acoustic treatments in any space, using custom configurations to create a unique architectural design element while enhancing overall acoustics performance. Cinergy’s team has over 10 years of professional experience installing world-class fabric designs for noise control and sound enhancement in residential and commercial spaces. Multiple types of stretched fabric can be installed to optimize the visual and acoustic aesthetics of any room.

Stretched Fabric Variations

Printed Fabric

Art, high-resolution photographs, designs, and almost any color can be printed on fabric to create a unique finish. Printed fabric gives you a unique design element with noise reduction properties, giving your space the best visual and acoustic feel.

Wide-Span Fabric

Stretched fabric can be installed up to 16 feet wide and any length. Wide-span fabric reduces seams and allows large areas to be covered with fewer installation hours.


Layout and Design

Stretched fabric can be rendered in custom flat-panel layouts and 3-D designs including disks, spheres, and multi-angle shapes.

Acoustic clouds

Acoustical shapes of almost any form or size can be wrapped in fabric and hung from the ceiling to create a decorative element that acts to improve the overall acoustical performance of the space.


Fabric Varieties

We work with the best textile manufacturers in the world and provide decorative as well as acoustically transparent fabrics for speakers and acoustical panels. If you have your own fabric, we’ll test it for stretch or acoustical transparency if it will be used for speakers.

Fabric Lighting

Cinergy creates translucent fabric light clouds and light boxes for various applications. By backlighting fabric with specialty LED or fluorescent lighting, we create unique lighting effects that enhance the visual appeal of a space and also reduce noise.


Stretched Fabric Acoustic Treatments Are Optimal For:

Conference Rooms

Stretched Fabric Versus Drywall

A room finished with drywall can create noise reflection that’s overwhelming and uncomfortable, while fabric can reduce the overall noise and create unique patterns and colors that can be repaired or replaced more easily than repainting. Essentially, a stretched-fabric treatment creates a wall with both the look and the noise level you desire. Virtually any wall or ceiling can have outstanding acoustical performance without the traditional, segmented look of fabric-covered panels.