Acoustic Enhancement

Cinergy Construction designs, supplies, and installs acoustic treatments
to reduce noise and optimize the sound of any residential or commercial space.

Cinergy Is a Leader in Acoustic Construction

We build according to precise specifications to create the highest caliber listening experience in any space, and we work with the best in the business to optimize the sound quality from any audio system. Our craftsmen are experienced in installing equipment to absorb, reflect, diffuse (scatter) or transmit sound waves. Together with our partners, we ensure that the surface materials on the walls, ceiling, and floor of a space are chosen carefully in order to achieve a balanced sound level throughout the entire frequency range of human hearing, from any position in the room.

Acoustic Treatments

We often use acoustic treatments to improve the sound or reduce noise when we’re building a new space or remodeling an existing space. This is especially important when the space is not ideal for the sound experience, or was not initially set up with sound considerations such as sound transmission and sound amplification in mind.

When designers of interior spaces are concerned with esthetics in addition to acoustical quality, Cinergy offers the expertise in creating and finishing wall panels. We can precut panels in a wide variety of shapes and sizes ranging from rectangular panels to custom configurations. The edges can be curved or flat. Colors and coverings are limitless.

Cinergy’s forte is specialized construction, including wall treatments, acoustic panels, stretched fabric, acoustic plaster, and other solutions. These solutions can be architectural and exposed. concealed behind other elements. or seamlessly integrated into the overall design.

Whole Home Building Acoustics

Sound control and sound quality can be achieved in the following home activity spaces:

Fitness & Exercise Rooms
Media / Game Rooms
Bowling Alleys
Home Recording Studios
Instrument Rooms
Indoor Pools
Rooms Below Stone & Hardwood Floors
In-Law Suites
Home Offices


Our Acoustic Construction Meets the Highest Industry Standards

At Cinergy Construction, we are experts at constructing spaces for optimal acoustics and design, including living spaces, theaters, and recording studios. We are known for our efficient and streamlined communication and our adherence to schedules when we work with facility architects, consultants, and other stakeholders to ensure the success of each acoustic construction project. We build:

Commercial Structures
Places of Worship
Recording Studios
Hospitality Suites
Office Buildings
University Structures

Science-Based Acoustic Design

We use acoustic modeling and analysis to create a custom theater with a science-based acoustic layout. The result is the richest immersive sound performance design customized to your room capacity, seating layout, and theater configuration.

Custom Corporate Sound and Video Projects

Cinergy Construction builds AV projects to exacting standards for commercial businesses, auditoriums, convention centers, and hotels, among other public spaces. We have built high-caliber video conference spaces, video projection studios, recording studios, and video recording studios. Contact us for a look at projects we’ve completed, and to discuss the acoustic enhancement requirements of your planned construction.

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