Beverly Hills Podcast Room:
Before & After

Our specialized expertise really came into play on this project:

  • Under-floor wiring and a chase up through the custom-designed desk conceals all electrical cords.
  • A whole new wall with a new door that didn’t exist before.
  • A run of stairs moved closer to the existing door, which we switched from inward-opening to outward.
  • Stretched fabric with 2-inch treatments for maximum noise isolation.
  • A secret door integrated into the wall millwork to hide storage.
  • A movable wall section that houses a TV monitor.
  • A “dual backdrop” design that permits shooting against two different walls of the room.
  • An electrical bay in the middle of the floor to accommodate camera set-up.
  • Quality film lighting for proper face pigments.
  • Custom millwork done in our shop.

before …

& after

More details of our project: