A Silver Lake Remodel From Foundation Through Finish

We began this multi-faceted remodel at a home in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles before coronavirus hit the world. The work extends from foundation to finish, and includes a full basement excavation and addition of a new basement livable area, new windows and doors throughout, a new pool, a new roof, new outdoor kitchen and fire pit, and custom details applied to the entire project.

Our On-Site Crew Can Perform Multiple Aspects of the Work

We started this complex project in the same way we do all of our construction work; by bringing our own craftsmen on site with the capability and training to perform a multitude of different aspects of the work to be done. This highly capable crew is one of the main features of how we do our work, and it’s what makes Cinergy unique; with a wide and varied set of training and expertise shared by our workers, we ensure that whatever job needs to be done, gets done, and done well without surprise delays.

Imagine a typical job site where a subcontractor doesn’t show up. For most construction projects, that means one or more areas of the job shut down and wait. Not with Cinergy; we always have skilled crew members on site who can jump in and do the sub’s job so that the project isn’t held up. Our construction work is truly under our control, bringing quality, schedule, and costs in line with our promises and our pricing.

Our Hybrid Construction Method Keeps Our Projects Moving

We call this our hybrid method of construction, whereby we bring a skilled crew to deliver high-quality work on time and on budget, from beginning to end, foundation to finish. And because of our unique practice, we were right on track when the coronavirus spread to California and life changed for everyone.

COVID-19 and Our Commitment to Completion

We immediately switched gears to train our crew on safe virus protection practices, and then we set about buttoning up the work for the time being, ensuring that the excavation and construction that we’ve completed so far will be protected from weathering and damage from natural events like rainfall as we wait out the pandemic. When we all get through this COVID-19 situation, we’ll be back on the job without delay to pick up where we left off, full speed ahead.

So for now, we thought you might like to see the extent of the work we’ve begun, and the progress so far.

The Project List

  • Complete renovation down to the studs
  • Hillside construction with full basement excavation
  • Buildout of a new a livable area in the basement
  • Design & construction of an outdoor arched walkway
  • New pool in rear yard, constructed on piles and grade beam foundation
  • New synthetic slate roof
  • New retaining wall in rear yard, built on piles and grade beam
  • New fire pit and outdoor kitchen
  • All new steel windows and doors throughout
  • Custom millwork detailing
  • Specialty plaster work

Take a look at the property before we began construction, and the work we’ve done so far:

Before Beginning Work

Work Underway