Recording Studios

In a professional-caliber recording studio, it’s essential that acoustics are perfect and outside noise does not invade the space, whether in a commercial or home studio.

Recording Studios With Optimal Acoustics and Design

We are expert recording studio builders, from design plans through execution. Our studios deliver optimal acoustics, whether in a home music studio or a professional recording studio. We work with architects, designers, consultants, and other stakeholders to ensure the success of each acoustic studio construction project.

An Isolated World of Crystal Clear Sound

A professional recording studio must have the proper acoustics to perfectly reverberate your system’s sound, and the entire space needs to be properly soundproofed so that sound from the inside does not escape to the rest of the building or the surrounding area, and noise from the outside world does not come into the studio.

When we’re building out a recording studio, acoustic consultants are an integral part of the process. If the space is not ideal or was not initially designed with acoustics in mind, we start with a reconfiguration of the entire shell of the structure. We work with the best in the business to optimize the final quality of sound from an audio system by installing equipment to precise specifications in order to absorb, reflect, diffuse (scatter) or transmit sound waves optimally. Together with our partners, we ensure that the surface materials on the walls, ceiling and floor of a space are carefully chosen to achieve a balanced sound level in the room throughout the entire frequency range of human hearing.

Only the Sound You Want, Rendered Perfectly

In a recording studio, it’s essential that outside noise is completely cancelled – honking horns, barking dogs, heavy trucks rumbling by, conversations in the hallway; even the sound of mail dropping through the slot in the building’s front door.

It’s also essential that the ambient noises of the building’s operation are eliminated: HVAC systems, fans, ductwork, and electrical motors can be almost imperceptible to the human ear as they lightly vibrate, hum, knock and whir – but when highly refined recording equipment is capturing the sound of a voice or instrument within a studio, those subtle sounds can ruin a recording. They must be removed from the equation with state-of-the-art methods, equipment, and materials such as decoupling assemblies, sound absorbers, and stretched fabric installations. Our expertise as a recording studio builder makes us a leader in studio construction with years of experience in all the aspects of acoustic enhancement and noise control necessary to create recording studios with flawless sound recording capability.