The Amanda Theater at Array



Our screening room construction project for filmmaker Ava DuVernay’s Array Campus in Echo Park, Los Angeles required not only the highest aesthetic and performance values, but rollout on a jet-speed timeline.

A project like this normally would take eight months. The Amanda Theater had to be designed, built, finished, and ready for its debut in four months flat.

Cinergy and its owners have a deep affinity for movie theaters; co-owner Greg Francis spent many happy hours of his childhood in his grandfather’s theater in West Los Angeles, and both Greg and partner Graham Osborne have a tremendous amount of respect for Ava and what Array stands for. Clearly this would be a passion project. We took the challenge – gladly.

The mission was to create a 50-seat custom-designed screening room within the dimensions and confines of existing spaces; to ensure a sound-and-picture-perfect audiovisual experience; to configure the seating and traffic flow to accommodate frequent public events; to deliver a unique and beautiful space; and, above all, to finish on time.

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