Acoustic Plasters


We partner with the best designers and acoustic plaster manufacturers to apply
flawless treatments to walls and ceiling for a sleek solution to the need for sound control.

Every Space Should Promote Well-Being

Sometimes forgotten in the design stage but realized post-build, the acoustical comfort of an environment is as important as the visual aesthetics. Architecture that integrates acoustics fosters occupant health and well-being.

Acoustical Challenges

Often the most beautiful and minimalist designs create the biggest acoustical challenges. Broad open spaces and expansive smooth and hard surfaces will naturally reflect, duplicate, and amplify sound. While an open, streamlined visual design conjures peace and serenity, the actual use of the space can deliver an assault to the senses.

Other spaces, by their nature or intended use, can create noise problems regardless of design. Indoor swimming pools, restaurants designed to feature stunning views, bowling alleys, and large-event venues are some examples.

Acoustic Plaster as a Beautiful Noise-Control Solution

A high-quality acoustic plaster expertly applied to walls or ceiling reduces sound reverberation in any space. This improves speech intelligibility and musical sound quality while reducing impact noises and limiting the transmission of sound from one space into another.

Better sound control means fewer distractions and less sound confusion, which improves communication, enjoyment, safety, health, learning, and quality of life.

The beauty (literally) of an acoustic plaster system is that it naturally conforms to your design whether the surface in question is flat, curved, domed, or vaulted – and the variety of finishes available, including a durable monolithic marble finish, allow you to maintain your design esthetic without compromise.

Photo courtesy of Fellert

What Is an Acoustic Plaster System?

Acoustical plaster systems are microscopically porous surfaces applied onto a mineral wool panel. The wool panel is specially designed to capture high- and low-frequency sound energy that collides with the panel’s surface and convert it into heat energy.

The materials we use are certified by third-party lab testing to deliver the highest sound absorption available. Far from the dull and utilitarian acoustical panels from the early days of the building industry, these acoustic plaster systems feature a multitude of durable finishes that seamlessly integrate into your design.

Acoustic Plaster Finishes

And speaking of acoustic plaster finishes, here’s a sampling of the finishes that are possible for your room, office, home, or building:



Acoustic plaster finishes by

We Use the Best Acoustic Plaster and Expertly Install It

Cinergy Construction uses acoustic plasters manufactured by the best in the business, including BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Acoustical Plaster Systems and Fellert acoustical plaster, which effectively control sound without turning a space into a sound-dead environment.

Depending upon the needs and timing of the project, we install acoustic plaster applications during construction or after a structure has been completed. Either way, we use the same materials and install them according to the same sequence of applications.

Acoustic Plasters Are Friendly To The Environment

The acoustic plasters we use are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable materials to support long-term ecological balance. Our manufacturers maintain compliance with ever-changing regulations and guidelines, including LEED and WELL. HPDs and Declare Labels are available for all products that we use.

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