A Home Theater in Beverly Hills



A Tight Deadline, Perfect Execution, and a Successful Unveiling

When we were asked to build a 15-seat theater in a home in Beverly Hills, some aspects of the job were ideal; some, not so much. On the upside, the owners would be leaving for an extended stay in Hawaii during the build; sweet! No holdups over owner schedules, parking, deliveries, or storage of materials and supplies. We had worked with these owners before. They had a lot of trust in us and were confident in leaving the project in our hands. On the downside, our deadline was tight with a hard completion deadline. The owners wanted the theater finished and ready for action when they returned home. There was no wiggle room in the schedule.

The challenge was to take the owners’ vision and translate it into the theater of their dreams. The owners wanted to incorporate elements of their Hawaiian home that they loved, including a night-sky star ceiling; wenge, maple, and koa wood trim; and honey onyx features. The breathtaking space that resulted included metal and onyx sconces, a backlit onyx bar, and a star ceiling with a newly designed soffit to house and hide a new HVAC system and provide a new lighting feature.

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