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Who We Are

Cinergy Construction was founded by Greg Francis and Graham Osborne, who joined forces to form a unique proposition in the construction industry; a single entity that brings together all the capabilities of a high-end luxury home construction company with the specialized expertise needed to partner with the best designers and engineers.

We’re leaders in building cutting-edge specialty spaces such as theaters, recording studios, acoustically sensitive spaces, and safe rooms.

Our Team

Our team includes experienced project managers and a seasoned field crew with expertise in technical assemblies, acoustic construction, finish carpentry, stretched fabric systems, and high-end finishes. We keep our ratio of projects to managers very low, and we’re extremely focused on communication, organization, documentation, and attention to detail.

We self-perform our specialty work so we can ensure that everything is assembled and installed precisely according to technical specifications.

Our Reputation

Over the course of our operation, Cinergy Construction has successfully completed hundreds of projects in upscale areas of Northern and Southern California. We are sought after for technically demanding construction including commercial screening rooms and production studios, high-performance residential theaters, recording studios, and secure spaces.

Cinergy has developed a well-earned reputation for on-time performance, construction to exacting standards, and high customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Picture a construction company executive, Greg Francis, who makes an appointment and arrives on time. Picture the same representative who promises you a project that is precisely what you want, on budget and on time. Picture workers who follow through on the promises with excellent workmanship, professionalism, good humor, and pride of work. Picture a perfect outcome. Picture Cinergy Construction.

~ Linda and Jim Kuhns, Santa Monica

Cinergy Construction